Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Testing, Testing...

The past two days I have been at a MBTI (that's Meyers-Briggs Type Indicator) Certification training course. MBTI is considered an important tool in my industry because it helps people explore their preferences in context of how they gather and process information. It is also a great resume builder!

Anyway, I've been out of school for almost a year now and I didn't think I missed it too much (I know I missed it a little bit) until I completed this course yesterday. I realized I really do miss school a lot! I miss studying, I miss classroom dialogue, I miss the sense of accomplishment when I learn a new concept or apply a new skill. I miss the challenge. I miss the dynamic interaction experienced when in a diverse class group. I miss school and I know I'm crazy for admitting it!

Yesterday afternoon I began taking the certification qualifying exam at 3:00p and I completed it at 5:10p. I really wanted to get 100% on the exam but I'm realistic and knew I was likely to miss one or two questions, specifically statistics related questions. So, had 3 unanswered questions and I was torturing myself over each of them because they were multiple choice and I had the answers narrowed down to two possibilities. Well, I seesawed and seesawed over which was the correct option for each of those 3 questions - it was terrible. Finally, I make my final decisions and choose what I pray are the correct answers. I sigh, I stretch, I deliver my completed exam to the facilitator who grades it immediately...and I did NOT get 100% on my exam. I got 3 questions wrong and the 3 questions I got wrong were the very same questions I had been torturing myself over! ARGHH! I mean, I know you people are, like, who cares you only missed 3 questions? BUT I knew the right answer to each of them and didn't trust myself and chose the wrong answer in the end! It's terrible to know you knew the correct answer and talked yourself out of actually choosing it! So, instead of getting 100% I got a 96% (it was an 80 question exam in case you think I did bad math to calculate my %).

What's worse than getting a 96%? The knowledge that my co-worker (who I admire, respect, like & count as my friend!) only got 2 wrong and, therefore, scored a 97.5%.
Yes, we're friends but that doesn't mean there isn't a bit of friendly competition between us, eh.

So, kids, I'm now certified to administer and interpret the MBTI instrument and am very happy my employer feels it is important for my professional development and am also very happy I can now list this on my resume in case I ever decide to look for a new job!

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