Thursday, April 24, 2008

Oink, Oink

I have to tell you - it's like a pair of pigs live in my house right now. I cannot even begin to tell you how incredibly messy it is I can tell you the last time I truly and properly cleaned. I'm sad to admit this to you and it's embarassing to admit that I'm too lazy and unmotivated to clean my house. (SIGH) The worst part is, everytime I walk in the house I get pissed off. I am instantly upset over the random crap lying about or the shoe collection taking over the guest room. I hate seeing mail piled on any available surface in the kitchen and seeing dirty towels on the upstairs hall floor waiting to go in the wash. I hate all that. But - what I REALLY hate is the newspaper everywhere! Seriously, the newspaper is overwhelming! First, let me say I think it's great that Urban Cowboy reads the paper, the whole paper, daily. It's a great habit and it keeps him informed which, in turn, keeps me informed. Second, I am uncertain why the paper began arriving daily versus the previous arrangement of every Wednesday and Sunday. Since the arrival of the daily paper my house has steadily plunged into a general state of unkemptness. I would love to spontaneously invite people over for a drink or dinner or just to hang out and play Euchre or Scrabble but, alas, I cannot because I would be mortified if anyone other than Urban Cowboy or L saw the house in the state it's been in for the past month or so. (L can see it because she and I lived together and she knows how it is)
Urban Cowboy doesn't seem to think it's a big deal and constantly wants to just call people up and have them come over - a suggestion that I vehemently protest. He doesn't seem to understand that I will be judged for our house's general appearance/cleanliness. It's an unfair world and this is a burden women are forced to suffer from because people walk into someone's house and if it's messy or unkempt their first thought is not, "oh, I guess the man of the house hasn't been doing his job lately." No, their first thought is, "Damn, the chick who lives here keeps a messy house." No one goes into a house consciously thinking the man of the house has anything to do with keeping it orderly and clean. I tell Urban Cowboy that in a perfect world these gender biases would not exist but we don't live in a perfect world and this is how it is. (This is in response to his claim that people will understand and they know he lives in the house too)
Ah, so the purpose of this post - the purpose of my shameful admission - is to state my newest resolution: I, Urban Cowgirl, resolve to deep clean my house this weekend and to continue to maintain the cleanliness so I will not immediately be enveloped in a cloud of negativity upon entrance into my house and so I may spontaneously invite friends or family to my house without fear of dying from embarassment.
I recognize this will be difficult considering the beautiful spring weather and outside activities that will be calling out to me and considering how much more pleasant it is to read a book, sew, etc. but I feel I must commit myself to this resolution to improve my life and general disposition. They say it takes 14 days to form a habit and I hope that's true because daily house cleaning needs to become my new habit. And, let's face it - it's a better habit than chewing my nails or cussing, right.

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