Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Sex In the City, Chopping Woes, Misc. Craving

On the way to work this morning one of the radio shows was discussing the girls of Sex in the City and whether or not they're attractive or sexy. I will not repeat the horrible things they were saying about the lovely STC ladies but I totally disagreed! I mean, they were saying that Kim Catrall is the prettiest/sexiest, Miranda was miscast and was ugly, Kristin Davis was too ordinary, and that Sarah Jessica Parker has a horse face! I was very sad to hear them talking so negatively about 4 of my favorite tv actresses because some of their comments were just plain mean! Personally, I think all of those ladies are beautiful in their own, individual way.

I decided to make chili pie for dinner last night. You can't have chili without green pepper (in my opinion) so I was chopping away and accidentally chopped right through part of my thumb! Ow! It bled a lot (not on the pepper, don't worry) and I was sad that I hadn't paid more attention to prevent this injury. I think it will be fine. It's a pretty deep cut but it is in a weird location and I'm pretty sure they wouldn't be able to put stitches there anyway. Interestingly enough, the majority of my knife injuries result from me chopping green peppers. I don't know why exactly. Urban Cowboy is threatening to revoke my knife privledges (L used to threaten this, too) and is considering assuming all chopping responsiblity from now on. He's silly.

Reason #117 why our honeymoon in Italy was fabulous: I developed a LOVE for Pistachios! Mmmm-yummy! One of the items in my Christmas stocking this year was a whole bag of yummy Pistachios! I savored them! I made them last from the end of December through the beginning of February. I was sad when all the Pistachios were gone. This morning I woke up craving Pisatachios and spent the whole morning wishing we had some for a little snack. On the way too work I stopped at the gas station for milk and decided to see if they sell Pisatachios like they do Honey Roasted Peanuts. Lucky me! They do! Yea! So, I've been nibbling on Pistachios this morning and am very happy as a result!

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