Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Easter - humble retraction

I talked to my mom last night and was expressing my indignant outrage over children receiving gifts (outside of candy or colored eggs) in their Easter baskets. Do you know what she told me? She told me that I used to receive gifts in my Easter basket! (GASP!) Nothing big and only one thing per year (e.g bucket/shovel for sandbox or a new rain slicker) but still, it's true, I too was the recipient of Easter gifts. Once I reached about the age of 10 she said the gifts stopped (I still got candy/eggs) and I never once said anything and didn't seem to notice their absence. So, I have no choice but to retract my previous statements because if I don't then I am a hypocrite. (SIGH) However, I am not sure how I will proceed regarding this topic if Urban Cowboy and I ever have children so I'm sure I will someday (far from now) provide an update on this issue.

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