Thursday, February 07, 2008

An underwear quandry?

The wedding was months ago (wow! like, 9 months ago!) and I just had this thought: is it ok for me to wear my wedding day underwear? See, L gave me a fabulous pair of super-cute white panties with the word "Bride" in silver rhinstones across the butt when she hosted an awesome bachelorette party for me. Yes, most people probably wear lacey, racey underthings the day they get married but I'm more of a cute and comfy kind-of girl and L knows it (plus my dress/bra-size combo did not allow for a lacey, racey bra so it's not like it would've been an ensemble). Anyway, every once in awhile I look in my drawer and I pull them out and wonder if I can wear them now? They are so cute and they really were totally comfortable!

Do you think it matters if the girls at the gym glance over and see the word "Bride", all sparkly, across my rear when I'm changing for Yoga or Spinning or my twice weekly Power Walk? I'm not sure that it does but I do like to follow etiquette (within reason) so maybe it's considered a total faux paux to wear my "Bride" undies when, really, I should be wearing undies that actually say "Wife". (I wonder if they even make those?)

I guess I'll have to ask around for opinions on this.

Oh, by the way, the picture is not of me in my bride panties - it's a stock picture from Diva Bridal on-line. You'll just have to imagine how much better my butt is than hers (hahaha).

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yllwdaisies said...

I think it’s ok to wear it w/in 2 years of getting married. (Ok, I admit, I made that up). But you should get to wear them whenever you want. You shouldn’t have to relinquish a title just b/c you add another one. Like, you’re still his girlfriend too.