Wednesday, September 05, 2007

What crazy holiday is your birthday?

My birthday is also National Pistachio Day! The National Pistachio Association is not happy with the date, however, because Pistachio harvest is in September and no one in the Pistachio world knows how their national day came to be on Feb. 26. Interesting, huh? Oh, and while Urban Cowboy and I were in Italy I learned I like to eat Pistachios! mmmm...yummy!

When : Always February 26th
National Pistachio Day is a nutty day. You can celebrate National Pistachio Day by eating them, and learning more about them. We're going to help with the learning part........ read on.
Nutty Pistachio Facts:
Pistachios grow on trees. They are native to the Middle East.
Its a long wait to get the first nut. A pistachio tree takes 7-10 years to mature.
California is the major producer in the U.S.
Pistachios are harvested in September by machines that shake the trees. It less than a minute.
The red dye is added to the nuts is only due to consumer demand for the color.
Its open hull is unique. The nut is ripe when the hull splits open.
People in the Middle East call it the "smiling nut" and in China its called the "happy nut".
Pistachios are nutritious, so eat them up!

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yllwdaisies said...

Ok, so I've always known my b-day is the anniversary of the invention of the rubber-band, & the Brown vs. Board of Educ decision.

But today, I also learned that it's Pack Rat day.