Friday, September 07, 2007

Not just for boys...

A lot of people I know have recently been pregnant or are currently pregnant or are thinking about trying to conceive soon. Being surrounded by pregnancies and babies gets a girl thinking and sometimes in the wrong direction ... well, anyway, I was doing something on-line today and I stumbled upon a website that lists funny and embarrasing stories about being pregnant. I think the website was franklypregnant or something like that. This website is really a promo for a book but it's a no-holds barred, all the dirty details kind of pregnancy site. They're not glossing over anything to make you think being pregnant and giving birth is a fun walk in the park. SO, some of these stories were so funny I laughed out loud and I cried tears of laughter. The funniest stories, for me, all revolved around some kind of farting or unexpected peeing mishap. I guess bathroom humor isn't just for boys ... at least when it comes to pregnancy.

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yllwdaisies said...

OH NO! That's exactly my biggest fear about labor! (actually going #2 during). I've heard that can happen. I'm scared. I want to check out the site, b/c I want to be prepared, but I'm just so scared to right now.

Hold me.