Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Another funny Cincinnati story ...

This funny story is not really about the city of Cincinnati, it's about our experience in Cincinnati.
So, anyone who know Urban Cowboy knows he is a bit of a Type A personality. He likes things to be very neat and orderly and he is always organized and prepares for things ahead of time. I, on the other hand, am more of a Type B/A personality - I try to keep things very neat and orderly but I don't always succeed and I don't always lose sleep over it. Urban Cowboy gets a bit stressed out when we go on trips together because I like to pack the morning of or late the night before. He likes to pack the day before or earlier...I attribute his ability to do this to the fact that he has less stressful outfit decisions to make than I do. Seriously, he never looks at his collection of trip outfits and says, "Oh no, I need a pair of black flip-flops because if I wear my black capris with brown flip-flops I'll look like a total Glamour Don't!" In the packing department, this trip was no different for me, I got up in the morning and packed my bag. It was different for Urban Cowboy, though, because while he had ample opportunity to pack his bag the night before, he didn't and packed the morning of. We are both feeling a bit rushed by the time we lock the house up and head to the highway for the four hour drive down. Due to my tiny bladder, the bladder that Urban Cowboy regularly curses for not allowing us to drive any length of time without stopping at least once, we made it to Cincinnati with just enough time to check into the hotel, change our clothes, and hurry to the wedding. While I am in the bathroom putting on my makeup and fixing my hair, I hear Urban Cowboy yell out the F-word and I pop my head out just in time to hear him tell me he forgot his shoes. No, he didn't go to Cincinnati with no shoes on...he was wearing his ratty, last marathon sneakers...he forgot his dress shoes which he needed to wear with his suit! Oops! Immediately, I laughed and got a death look so promptly quit laughing and tried to help him figure it out. He even called the front desk of our hotel to ask if they rent dress shoes. They don't but you have to give him credit for thinking of it and trying. I offered to wear my flip-flops so that we both looked silly but he told me to not do that (and I was relieved, I have to admit) - he would just wear his sneakers and hope no one noticed. Well, Urban Cowboy's fraternity brothers noticed right away and he was so embarassed! They all offered helpful suggestions and offered to lend him their shoes - one guy offered his size 11 checkered converse slip-ons. Urban Cowboy is a size 9 and if he didn't feel comfortable with the sneakers he definitely wasn't down with the checkered converse. I felt his friend had a great argument - the theory of if you're going to do this, at least be funky. In the end, we actually found a Payless about a five minute walk from the church and Urban Cowboy bought himself a new pair of black dress shoes (which are also casual enough to wear with jeans, if he so desires). He threw out his sneakers on the spot, right in the store. That's how much he hated them and the angst they caused him. Oh, that and they smelled really bad. When we arrived at the reception, his fraternity brothers showered him in compliments for his shiny, new shoes. Poor Urban Cowboy, my little Type A, that was a lot of stress in one day.

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yllwdaisies said...

Ooouuu... I woulda gotten the death look too, cause when I read that line, I laughed too.

My lil sis once forgot her shoes when we went to a cousin's wedding, so it happens. She was only 5 at the time, but just don't mention that part to him. heehee.