Monday, August 13, 2007

Feeling a bit Italian!

Oh - my - Gosh! (Deep Breath) In a round-about way I JUST realized I have not yet posted anything about my honeymoon in ITALY! How could I have forgotten to post about one of the most amazing life experiences I have fortunate enough to enjoy? First, let me tell you about how I realized this: Over the weekend Urban Cowboy, L, and I wanted to go to a festival celebrating environmentalism and beer (interesting combo, eh?) but it was $7 to get in, the parking was non-existant (we would have had to park at the train, ride it to a bus shuttle, and take a 2nd bus shuttle just to get to the festival!), and a friend who attended said the environmentalism was a bunch of pamphlets you could take home. Consequently, we ended up on a gorgeous patio, drinking wine and eating a light snack around 4p. This is exactly what the Italians do everyday (or, maybe everyday they don't work past 4p?)! This is exactly what we did for 7 days while we were in Italy on our honeymoon! So, we're sitting there enjoying the sun and each other's company when I realize I had failed to post any comments about how wonderful our honeymoon was. Now, I'm at work in this very moment so it would not be prudent for me to spend the time posting a verrry long post about Italy so this post is a's to let you know another post, with more Italian details, will follow soon!

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