Monday, July 30, 2007

..."Working 9 to 5"...

Yep, I'm a working girl again. It has been incredibly easy to transition to this routine lifestyle I had been missing for the past 7 weeks. Like, I didn't even realize I missed getting up at a particular time in the morning to get ready to be someplace by a particular time and to stay there for a pre-determined number of hours to return home at, roughly, the same time every day. Who knew you could miss this kind of structure? Of course, having a reason to wear my professional wardrobe is also a huge motivator because there were many days when I looked to the closet and became sad at all the money and cuteness hanging there unused.

Now, for the first time in my professional career, I work for a true residential college. The majority of the students live on campus, eat on campus, play on campus. It's refreshing. It also provides a lot of perks for the staff. My list of the JOYS of WORKING on a RESIDENTIAL CAMPUS: 1) Chocolate milk is only $0.60!! - Let me tell you about this...1st I love chocolate milk because it's the perfect breakfast or sweet snack and 2nd I can take my own cup (ANY SIZE) to the dining hall and have it filled with chocolate milk for only $0.60!! 2) the bookstore - when I forget something to read on my lunch hour I can go to the bookstore and buy a newspaper or magazine to entertain me. Cool. 3) well, as of the 1st day of my 2nd week on the job there isn't a 3 yet but I'm sure it's coming. Currently, I am very happy about #1!!

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