Wednesday, May 02, 2007

What it means to be grown up...

Today I am wearing an adorable, yet sophisticated, outfit. I mention this because one of my favorite things about being grown up is dressing like a grown up. When I was in high school, college, and even into my early professional days, I hated wearing anything other than jeans and a t-shirt. Couple that with my pseudo-farm girl lifestyle and you can imagine I regularly wore jeans which were subject to horse manure or cow drool and I wore t-shirts with holes chewed in them from helping clip goat hooves. I'm not making this up. Fast forward to my move to Cleveland and the introduction of that famous HBO tv show, Sex and the City, and voila you will be able to trace my wardrobe transformation. It was then I learned how fun "metropolitan" can be, even in the midwest, and how many more doors are opened (figuratively and literally) for you if you're wearing the right clothes. The best bonus is I learned how to feel pretty on an almost daily basis - just wearing the right outfit can be such a mood lifter and a confidence booster! Now, I still love to wear jeans and t-shirts but I like to wear cute skirts and fun blouses or going-out tops just as much! That's why this is one of the best things about being grown up - instead of dressing our dolls for success we get to dress ourselves for success!

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