Friday, March 16, 2007

You can't see me

Question: Do you ever forget people may be watching you?
I do ... especially when I am with Urban Cowboy. See, sometimes he drops me off at work and then we don't see each other again until, like, 11 at night and it seems as though an eternity has passed in that time because I miss him so much! I know, I sound ridiculous but it's true. When we finally do get to see each other at the end of a very long and lonely day I can't help but forget other people may be around and watching us and I hug him tightly to me, rain kisses all over his face, and I can't stop myself from placing some part of me so that it is touching some part of him. (Keep it clean, kids, I'm talking about being in public.) I sometimes am just so excited to be physically with him in that moment that I completely forget people are around us. (SIGH)

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