Friday, March 16, 2007

The Wedding Countdown Continues

In 56 days I will be a wife. Wow. Wife - it holds so much promise and meaning ... it tells the world I have pledged my undying love and affection to one man and I have made a conscious decision to help him achieve his goals, to keep him healthy, and to try and make him as happy as he makes me. I am so excited about my new label.

I am enjoying the wedding planning process more and more as the time ticks away. In one week I will be one step closer to graduation by completing my comprehensive examinations and, hopefully, passing my comprehensive examinations. I started reviewing today and I have to admit that I am very nervous about my competency to take this exam. Ugh! Anyway, once my comp. exams are finished I can coast through the remainder of the semester and I can put more effort and energy into the finishing details for our wedding day.

I'm going to quote myself from a previous post about my favorite things about the wedding:
"Opening presents – I love opening presents! Yea! (Shhh…keep this one on the down-low ‘cause I’m not trying to be greedy – I just like to rip the wrapping paper off and enjoy the surprise of what’s in the box)". NOW, I have to follow up with a small confession ... I actually enjoy what's IN the box as much as I enjoy OPENING the box! I say this because I happen to know the first wedding shower gift has been delivered to Urban Cowboy's parents house and we know who it's from based on the packing slip and I am so dying to open it and see what's inside! I won't, of course, because I want to open the gift at the shower but doing the right thing isn't always easy and, I have to tell you, it's a good thing the package is not living at my house!

We FINALLY picked a cake! We had it narrowed down to three designs and we went to the cake lady and said, please choose for us. She wouldn't choose for us but she did a great job of steering us to what I think was our first choice all along and we didn't even know it! I am eager to see how the design looks in our wedding colors (blue & purple) and I know it will taste great because we went for classic (and boring) white cake.

What's left you ask? 1) Coordinate the ceremony ... 2) Choose flowers ... 3) a TON of misc!


yllwdaisies said...

Ok, here's what I can offer you...
I'll go to Urban Cowboy's parent's house, open the gift & see what it is. I'll re-wrap it, & you can guess what it is, & we'll play the 'hot & cold' game.

Meggliplex said...

Sounds like so much fun! I'll ask UC if that's ok!