Tuesday, February 20, 2007

Seriously Random Thoughts

Ok, so the CW just claimed the 3rd season of its show, Beauty and the Geek, was incredible. I disagree. Season 2 was the in-cred-ible because a dude's job description was "tracks monkeys with lasers". It doesn't get better than that!

Also, L and I were discussing whether or not the geeks get girlfriends after being the show and then she abruptly says, "I need them to be before 1973 to be vintage" and I'm like, "what, you need your boyfriends to be 34 or older?" and then we realized we were talking about two different topics...she had switched topics to her doll collection which she is considering selling. Very funny.


Urban Cowboy and I went sledding this weekend and we invited his parents. Not only did we invite his parents, they accepted our invite! It was so much fun! I spent the afternoon laughing until my sides hurt and huffing/puffing my way back up the hill after every thrilling slide down. I think Urban Cowboy's mother must have thought I was tipsy, too, because there were quite a few times when I was just standing there and then the snow would shift under my boots and, plop, I would just fall over. I think it was hilarious. How much fun is it that I went sledding with my FI's parents? Yea!


I love PartyLite candles and when L and I moved into our apartment we had a huge PartyLite party and got a ton of free or discounted product. That party equalled the opportunity to buy the infamous PartyLite votive Crystal Trio which I was very excited to do because it was only $9.99. Where am I going with this? The other day I was cleaning and I broke the tallest of the trio! ARGHH! So, now, I have a duo. I was/am very agitated over this.


My friends from England are not coming to visit their United States family and friends which has made me very sad because I love to spend time with them. Unfortunately, Andy had pulmonary embolism (sp?) and a blood clot in his leg and he is not permitted to fly. Even worse, he has to give himself shots every day! Yuck! I am glad to hear they have things under control and he is going to be better soon. I would rather have him in England emailing me than in critical care (or worse). Let's all hope he feels better soon.


L wrapped my birthday present this weekend, beautifully wrapped it, and she is making me wait until my actual birthday to open the gift. I have to admit, the gift's presence is mocking me and taunting me to open it. L says I will love it and I can't wait to see what it is. I love opening presents!


I originally began this post with a different intention but I've since forgotten it. The next post will be wedding related because we have 80 days left before we tie the knot.

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yllwdaisies said...

Geeks rule! I haven't seen the show, but I've seen commercials. I think the social exposure will ultimately help them get sum. ;)

"FI"? Is that short for fiance, or Fabulous Individual? Fantastic Icon?

I'm really sorry to hear about Andy. I feel like I've met them through you, & I hope he gets better soon.

I was just thinking about your b-day coming up yesterday!