Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Wedding Dress JACKPOT!

A few posts ago I mentioned our struggle to find the right fabric for my wedding dress and I'm pleased to tell you that the struggle is over...we found the perfect fabric (in my eyes) this weekend! Yea! And, there's a bit of story behind it -

See, we had been to this particular store a few months before and had an unpleasant experience with them. The saleswoman working that day was unhelpful and unfriendly. Our experience with her tainted our view of the store and we did not find any fabric we liked that day, nor did we want to return. Well, upon the recommendation of fellow sewers my mother was convinced we should go back and give the store another chance. I reluctantly agreed and we went with very low expectations. When we entered the store this time the employees (the woman who had been there before was absent) happily greeted us and began asking us what we were looking for. They were very friendly, but not pushy, and eager to help us find just the right fabric for my wedding dress. And, then, lo and behold - we found the perfect fabric! So, it's a good thing I let mom convince me to give the place a second chance.

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yllwdaisies said...

Yea!! I'm so excited for you, Meg! I'm also totally lovin your blog.