Thursday, November 30, 2006

Christmas Wrapping Paper SWAP?

I am an admitted Christmas wrapping paper enthusiast...we used to say "whore" when we really, really liked something and had a lot of it, like shoes, but decided "whore" sounds tawdry so Yellow Daisies coined the term "enthusiast" to class us up a bit...Anyway, back to the point: I am an admitted Christmas wrapping paper enthusiast. I buy a few rolls every year knowing full well I have a surplus supply from the year before. It's as though I can't help myself. I love wrapping paper! So, earlier today I was struck with a potentially great idea that I'm contemplating sharing with my family and friends. Wouldn't it be fun to organize and participate in a Christmas Wrapping Paper SWAP? You bring the paper you now find boring (due to too many years of use), your family members and friends bring the paper they now find boring and, voila, you have a fun new way to obtain new Christmas wrapping paper!

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