Monday, November 13, 2006

The brain block & the brain drain in OHIO

Today the local paper (sidenote: we only have one daily paper where I come from - it's sad) published an article about a man currently living in Chicago and contemplating moving to my area in Ohio. The article says he used to live in this area and really likes it but since he is self-employed he must weigh his options carefully because he is paying his own medical insurance and trying to save for retirement. Essentially, he compares the state & city tax rates (including property tax) of Chicago to Ohio and discovers living in Chicago will save him $8000 annually!

My fiance is always talking about how Ohio is one of the poorest states in the nation and one of the most heavily taxed and how backwards this is for Ohio citizens. Well, in light of this article, it's not only backwards for Ohioans but our high tax rates are also deterring smart & productive people from moving into the state. Last Tuesday we just elected a new Governer...I hope he sees this newspaper article and considers ways to fix this problem. A lot of hard-working individuals live in this state and they should not continue to be encouraged to move to other states due to lack of intelligent or competative tax design.

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