Monday, October 23, 2006

Regarding Canadian Money:

So, my friend Bogart emailed me regarding my research of US coins and animals to let me know I missed the whole point of his blog entry. Apparently, the point was not that US coins have no pictures of animals but that Canadian money, overall, is lame. His exact words, "These are the kind of pictures you would buy at a starving artist sale to hang over the sofa! They are not even trying!" Basically, Bogart is not upset by animals on coinage but on the quality of the illustrations depicting the animals. Additionally, Bogart sent me a link to Canadian banknotes and their $5 (what's the symbol for Canadian money?) has a picture of people playing hockey. I'll say it again, they have money with HOCKEY pictured on it! Now, I care way less about the inferior quality of animal illustrations on coins than I do about a country glorifying a violent sport on their currency. Can you imagine if the U.S included illustrations of American football or baseball on their currency? The U.S would be a global laughing stock (more than they already are) for honoring something so trivial. I imagine Canada can get away with it because they are not one of the world's super-powers. I included a picture of the $5 Canadian banknote - don't hesitate to admit it looks a lot like board game money.

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yllwdaisies said...

It does look like board game money. I think it's still a '$' symbol. Their currency is called the dollar too. But you just put US or Canadian after to indicate which type.

And I knew hockey was big in Canada, but GEEZ, I didn't know they felt it deserved the same recog as the Queen.