Thursday, October 19, 2006

Confessions of Cyber-Space Secrets

People have secrets. No one knows everything about another individual. Some secrets are really important (like a 10 on a Likert scale) and some not so much but a secret is a secret and you shouldn't spread them around. That said, I have to tell you I am not the best secret keeper (nor am I the worst) and I often make self-righteous judgements about the importance of others' secrets. I hope everyone does this because I already try to be less judgemental and sometimes it's nice to know I'm more normal than I give myself credit for. If I feel someone's secret is a little less important (like 5 & under on a Likert scale), I tend to share it with at least one other individual - usually my roomie, L, or my fiance (whom my fellow blogger friend likes to refer to as Urban Cowboy). So, anyway, I have two cyber-space secrets:

1) I have not told anyone I know about my blogging experience. I'm not sure if I am ready to have my family and friends read my "Random Explosion of Thoughts" yet. I tell them most everything I tell you but what if there is one time I want to rant about a person or incident but don't want them to see it? Well, when I'm ready I'll tell them but until then, it's just us.
2) I am addicted to the online discussion forums sponsored by and by You have to understand, I am addicted to the point of distraction from my work and studying!

Of course, I have other non-cyber-space secrets but I'll save those for another time or maybe never.

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