Monday, October 16, 2006

Brown Shirt Saga

Once upon a time two girls, L & M, lived together in relative harmony. They were best friends and they shared practically everything. They always did fun stuff together and often went shopping for clothes together. Sometimes when they would go clothes shopping they would each buy the same item, not always in the same colors but the same item. One time L & M bought the same exact brown t-shirt from a store called Old Navy. Approximately a year after they bought their shirts, M was looking for hers to wear with her favorite summer skirt. She looked and looked and couldn't find it anywhere. So, because sometimes L & M borrowed each others clothes, she decided to look in L's drawer to see if it was placed there by accident and voila she found her brown t-shirt. Later that evening L & M were going to a party together and as they were getting ready M mentions to L that she took her brown shirt back. L is confused by this because she's sure M is mistaken and the brown shirt is actually L's. A conversation is had about who owns the shirt and L is convinced M's brown shirt is actually a different brand but M is convinced L's was a different color. The conversation goes on for some time and continues in the car ride to the party. The conversation continues the next day and the topic of the brown shirt comes up randomly over the next few weeks. Eventually, M goes to the GAP and is very happy because she found a brown t-shirt to replace the one she lost to L. More time passes and everyone is happy because L & M each have their own brown t-shirt now and they no longer worry about who owns the Old Navy brown shirt because, at this point, it is obvious it was L's shirt. Well, a little more time goes by and M decides to trade her spring/summer wardrobe for her fall/winter wardrobe; M spends the whole day packing away light-weight fabrics and pastel colors and unpacks wool and dark colors for the new season. While M is unpacking her fall/winter wardrobe she makes an exciting discovery: M does own an Old Navy brown t-shirt identical to L's and it's been packed away the whole time! Finally, complete peace is restored to L & M's kingdom because the brown t-shirt issues have been resolved and L & M are very pleased to know neither was wrong about the origins and owernership of the brown t-shirt!

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