Friday, September 22, 2006

Root Beer Floats

Recently, the funniest thing happened to me!

Ok, so a few summers ago I picked up a really old, but totally awesome, ice cream scoop from a church rummage sale. It only cost, like, $.10, and it's aluminum with this cool trigger feature that allows you to pop the ice cream out of the scoop. Well, it's kind of hard to explain without drawing a picture or showing you. Anyway, one night I'm making root beer floats for my man and I and, of course, there is extra ice cream on the scooper so I automatically attempt to lick it off...BUT my tongue became STUCK to the ice cream scoop! Hahahaha. My roomie was standing there, waiting for her turn with the ice cream, and I'm like, "ah, mah ung i uh!" (translation: Liz, my tongue is stuck!"--you can't make l, t, or s sounds without full use of your tongue). Well, she just stood there and laughed, and then I stood there laughing because it was hilariously funny and I was trying to figure out what to do when my man walks in the kitchen and there I am, laughing with an ice cream scoop hanging out of my mouth because it's stuck to my tongue! Eventually, the heat of my body warmed the scoop up and my tongue came away with no injury, in case you wondering how the scene ended.

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