Thursday, March 27, 2014

Neglect and Life

I'm feeling a bit guilty that I really wanted to be committed to this blog for 2014 and here it is the end of March and I have barely posted at all.  I don't know why I am so bad at posting regularly because I certainly write many posts in my head.  I get frustrated with myself and my inability to make good habits and keep them.  One good habit I need to make is regular/scheduled check-ins on an actual computer-type device versus just my phone.  Writing long emails, blog posts and/or working on various documents is not as efficient or easy on a phone versus an actual pc or tablet.  When I worked outside the home I needed to be on a pc as a part of my job and, therefore, I was better at keeping up with pc-related activities.  Now, though, being a SAHM, I am not required to be on a pc and the result of that lack of requirement equals neglect on my part. So, what have we been doing lately? Here are a few pics to update you:
Sibling Love ... oh, and Valentine's too!

Early morning on a bitterly cold day - beautiful

Snow + warmth = Perfect for outside fun!

A vision of my future with a teenage daughter...

Last day of hockey season!

Going on a walk with baby in B3's "baby carrier"

Cuddle time (with help from a video player lol)
Iris LOVING Eric Litwin (author of Pete the Cat) in concert at our library

B3 also enjoyed the Eric Litwin concert!  Thanks Mr. Litwin; we think you rock!

B3 posing as a soldier with his hair "done" like a clan chief from Pixar's Brave. I can't remember the character's name but B3 insisted I make his hair look like this! ... Call me a progressive parent.

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