Monday, May 07, 2012

Crunchy Clean & A Happy Green Life

Recently, I found a great sale on an all-natural, grey water safe, laundry detergent called A Happy Green Life.  Typically, I use Crunchy Clean but Green Baby Bargains was selling A Happy Green Life for dirt cheap and shipping was completely reasonable so I decided to give it a go.  That said, I really like it.  It works as well as Crunchy Clean does which is the part I like because, frankly, Crunchy Clean is the best damn laundry detergent I've ever used.  So, both Crunchy Clean & A Happy Green Life do a fantastic job cleaning our clothes without leaving any chemical residue and without irritating our sensitive skin.  With Little Man, I was pretty viligant about removing food stains, dirt stains, etc. from his clothes but with Urban Cowbaby I haven't had as much time or energy to devote to stain removal.  Good thing Crunchy Clean and A Happy Green Life take care of all but the worst stains for me!  What the detergent doesn't get out, the sun does!  So, all in all, I would happily recommend either detergent for use in any home. ** I should mention, however, that I have not used A Happy Green Life for diapers.  I continue to loyally use only Crunchy Clean for our diapers for 2 reasons: 1) it works and works well, and 2) using the same detergent exclusively could potentially increase the resell value of the diapers.**

I'd like to share a few more thoughts on both detergents:
- Crunchy Clean is expensive BUT it's a great product, buying it supports a working from home mama, and just recently they announced a new $5 flat rate shipping fee which signficantly helps with cost management.  Oh, and you get a ton of loads out of each purchase!  I mean, A TON!  We buy laundry detergent approximately once every 4-5 months and that's with doing 2 loads of diapers a week & lots of clothes/towels/etc. loads.
- A Happy Green Life also supports 2 working from home mamas and BOTH detergents were created to provide an alternative to chemical laden, corporate, mass produced detergents and follows in Crunchy Clean's path in terms of tons of loads per purchase.
- Upon beginning use of an all-natural laundry detergent I have noticed our colors stay bright longer, our clothes need replaced less, and I use less detergent per load than I would with a conventional detergent.

If you haven't tried these products or any type of all-natural detergent, I heartily recommend that you do so!  You will be pleased with the results and the quality of the product!

PS This post was NOT sponsored by either Crunchy Clean or A Happy Green Life

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