Friday, August 26, 2011

My Favorite Things

A few things I'm totally loving right now:
- My daughter's smiles
- My son nursing his stuffed animals and saying, "Oh, UCB2, UCB2 Hungry" 
- My daughter's cuddles and look of contentment after eating
- My son giving me giant hugs and kisses for no apparent reason and at random moments
- My husband with UCB2, they're in love with each other and I'm more in love with him as a result
- My mom and mother-in-law's help
- My daughter lets us sleep through the night consistently (knock on wood this continues)
- My son's random conversational tidbits and his play-by-play of the action of his various environments
- My overall feelings of well-being and happiness
Yep, just a few things I'm totally loving right now.

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