Thursday, February 10, 2011

2nd Time Pregnancy Surprises - Part 1

A short list of the unexpected RE: 2nd time pregnancy:
- I forget I'm pregnant.  I do this regularly.  The first time I was pregnant, it was all I could think about 24/7 - I never didn't think about the fact that I was me but I was a pregnant me.  This time, somedays the only reason I remember I'm pregnant is because the baby kicks me particularly hard or because I run into something due to the fact I didn't allow enough room for my ever-expanding tummy.  It's a weird realization when you think to yourself, "oh yeah!  I'm pregnant, duh!" 
- I haven't yet gotten that famous 2nd trimester burst of energy back.  The first time I was pregnant I was exhausted and sick for the 1st  trimester and the 2nd trimester began and I became super-woman!  I had boundless energy and motivation to do all sorts of things!  This time, however, I'm still tired.  Not AS tired as in the 1st trimester but, certainly, there's been no "burst" and my motivation post-Urban Cowbaby's bedtime is nil.  It's kind-of depresing, actually.
- Nesting kicked in a lot earlier with this pregnancy than the first.  Possibly this is because I am planning to move one child out of a bedroom into another to allow the new child to have the older child's bedroom?  Possibly this is because I have periodic moments of freak-out where I panic over the fact that at this time next year I'll be juggling 2 little ones in & out of the car and managing 2 little one's stuff all over our house?  Whatever the reason, I've been in full nesting mode since the sickness ended around 16 weeks.  (SIGH)  Now, where is that motivation to do more considering how quickly the time is passing us by?
- I belatedly made the realization that I was not in a regular work-out routine post Urban Cowbaby and, thus, not in a regular work-out routine for this pregnancy.  (SIGH)  This, I feel, is a huge downfall of mine considering how not being in shape will likely negatively affect me in the birthing room and how difficult it will befor me to get back in shape post UCB2. 
- With Urban Cowbaby, once I hit the 2nd trimester I was hungry all the time.  With UCB2, I'm hardly hungry at all and when I do eat I seem to only want small or regular amounts.  In the end, this may be good for my overall weight gain (although, without working out it may be a wash) but it's still a bit weird to not be as hungry this time as last.  Was it psychosymatic last time?  Did I inadvertantly allow myself to buy into the "eating for two" mindset without even realizing it?  Who knows?
- I'm relatively "Zen" with UCB2 vs. when I was carrying Urban Cowbaby.  Less things worry me and I seem to have a "what will be, will be" type attitude.  This is very NOT-ME pre-motherhood so it's a bit surprising that it's me now.
I'm sure the next 18 weeks will bring more surprises.  Stay tuned...

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yllw said...

You have to remember that at this time next year, you'll also have Urban CowToddler who'll want to be a good helper, so you won't really be juggling 2 little ones.

Maybe your energy the 1st time came from the extra food you ate? Are you eating yogurt, btw?