Monday, October 04, 2010

Can I live by this?

One of my favorite blogging mamas posted the following quote:
"use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without."
I find this quote to be tremendously profound.  I like to believe, as do many people out there, I have the capability of simplifying my life and reducing the amount of stuff I have and consume which, therefore, will reduce the level of stress in my life by minimizing clutter and needless decision making.  Yet, somehow, at least once a week I find myself looking around my house wondering a) why everything I own doesn't have a home and b) why I even continue to own specific items?  It's difficult to not become attached to items or to rationally say "I am not likely to use this - I will not bring it in my house or keep it".  Recently, I got a bug up my behind to clean out my cosmetics/lotions and I filled up 1/2 the bathroom trashcan with stuff...that's all it was, stuff that was taking up space in my bathroom cupboard.  When I was done do you know what?  I looked back into the cupboard and was completely dismayed by the amount of of stuff that remains!  The worst part of this?  When I was pregnant with Urban Cowbaby I got the same bug up my behind and did the same thing and somehow, 15 months later, I do the same thing all over again!  Of course, in my defense, less stuff to choose from did result in less stuff in the trash.  I recently participated in a garage sale.  I made $17 and I didn't care because the friend who hosted the sale was very gracious and agreed to coordinate a charitable organization to pick up the stuff that didn't sell to be donated or sold to people who needed or wanted it.  Yet, could I easily participate in another garage sale to get rid of more stuff?        Sadly, yes.
So, I repeat the quote:
"use it up, wear it out, make it do or do without."
Maybe I won't make this my mantra but maybe I will make a more conscientious effort to apply this rule to my life and consumption habits.  Maybe I'll even succeed and maybe, and this is a very big maybe, someday I'll look around my home and be happy that a) everything I own has a place and b) every item I own I own for a reason.  Maybe ...

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