Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Fresh Fork Market - our newest culinary adventure!

Have you heard about Fresh Fork Market?  No?  Well they operate a CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program where you can join and receive weekly boxes of local produce and food products.  Here is the sample box for Week 1 of last year's season:
- 1 bunch organic green leaf lettuce

- 1 bunch organic red leaf lettuce
- 1 loaf multi-grain organic bread
- 1 8 oz chunk of grass-fed havarti cheese (I wonder if cheese likes to eat grass? hahaha)
- 1 half gallon organic milk
- 2 oz chocolate mint (this screams out - new recipe to try, new recipe to try!)
- 8 oz spinach (gallon bag)
- 8 oz pea shoots (gallon bag)
- 1 dozen free range, organic eggs
Can we say yummy?!
I'm ridiculously excited about this!  My friends in England have been members of a CSA for years (or they were, I'm not sure if they still are) and one of the mom's in my bf group is a member of a different local CSA.  I think, if I can manage it, I will copy what Valley Girl did last year (look up eating locally on her blog to link with her weekly series) and I will post a weekly update about the contents of our box. I will include if we tried anything new or if anything was especially good.  Maybe, if you're lucky, I'll even share a recipe or two?  We are a tad bit nervous about the CSA membership, though, because it will definitely force us to really try new foods (or re-try old foods we currently think we don't like) and will definitely force us to not be very wasteful with our food.  Sometimes, in our house, fresh produce doesn't completely consumed.  :-(  Also, it will definitely change the way we shop and will lessen our trips to both the West Side Market and the regular grocery. Weekly (hopefully) CSA-related posts will begin appearing soon!

** And, to add to my excitment, Urban Cowboy and I just bought our composter this past weekend so as soon as it's assembled, we'll be a composting family!!

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