Wednesday, May 13, 2009

It's almost time for Babypalooza!

My good friend is less than a week away from her D(elivery)-Day (ok, so it's an estimate and the kid's gonna come whenever it wants) and she is eager to meet her little one! How exciting to think that soon she's going to be holding her newest family member in her arms and loving that little person more than she could ever imagine! I told her I can't wait to meet her little one because I feel as though I already know him/her because his/her mama and I have been able to experience so much of our pregnancy journeys together. Let's all keep them in our prayers as their big day approaches! We only want it to be a happy and joyous occasion!

If you want an status update for Urban Cowbaby, I can safely tell you that this little dude/dudette is not yet ready to come out. Yes, the kid has dropped way down low but other than that there are no signs to indicate any kind of progress toward a world debut. Plus, I'm only at the end of my 36th week so we've got a few more weeks to go before I really start getting impatient and before I start scrutinizing and analyzing every single baby movement or bodily change in the hopes of Urban Cowbaby joining us on the outside. Soon enough our little one will be out & about and ready to face the world with a beautiful, bright, brave face!

We did have one internal exam, so far, that revealed zero dilation. I'm not sure if we'll have any more internals because 1) they're optional until I officially begin labor and 2) I am concerned if I get regular progress reports that I will mentally get hung up on the numbers and the countdowns and all that. I'd like to be as relaxed as possible going into this whole labor/delivery experience. I've learned, through this pregnancy especially, that I definitely get hung up on numbers and certain numbers really bother me ... like the continually increasing numbers on the scale at the doctor's office!

Now it's time to finish up the last of the little projects we have planned to get done before Urban Cowbaby arrives and it's time to relax and enjoy spending time together as just a couple since sooner than later we're going to be transformed into a threesome.

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