Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Californ-I-A (revised)

Urban Cowboy and I are getting ready to head out to Napa Valley on our 2nd fall mini-vacation there. (gee, I hope this becomes an annual thing!)
Work has been so crazy and even though we've been staying home a bit more it feels like life in general has been a bit crazy the past month or so.
I'm so ready for this break.
Plus, Urban Cowboy is my favorite person to share good wine (and everything else) with!
Enjoy the rest of your week/weekend. I know I will!
ADDENDUM - 9/15/08 - Urban Cowboy is NOT my favorite person to share the actual act of travel with. We have very, very different styles for example: 1) He likes to pack in advance and I like to pack the night before/day of, 2) he overtly worries about every possible aspect of how the trip can go wrong while channeling all his energy to focus on negative scenarios and I only worry when necessary and try not to do it too loudly while envisioning the fantastic time we'll have when we reach our destination, 3) he likes to be at the airport the day, oops, I mean 4 hours, before the flight is scheduled to leave and I like to be there only about 1.5 hours early, 4) he refuses to trust directions and will question them and the navigator - me - every single step of the way and I implicitly trust the directions will correctly lead us to our fun times. (SIGH) So, with this slight addendum Urban Cowboy is my favorite person to vacation with but we definitely make each other crazy because our travel styles are so opposite!

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