Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Stressed - Out - Sally ... that's me!

What's been going on in my life?

1) Work exploded when our department director left. I now shoulder a lot more responsibility as we work throught the transition of an interim director while they conduct a national search. I had a "failure" moment last week which really sucked and I'm still not totally over it so the combo of more responsibility and failing current responsibilities has provent to be mentally challenging! All of this new professional responsibility will be good for me in the long run but short term it's tough. I have developed a new desire to drink wine with dinner (oh, every night).

2) My step-mom's brother died yesterday after fighting a very painful battle with cancer. He's in a better place but I'm worried for my step-grandma because this is the second child she's survived. I'm also concerned about my step-mom and my sisters because they were very close to him and are very sad. I, too, am sad (although, I am glad his suffering is over) but I'm not sure it's totally hit me yet because I haven't been with my family. I won't see them until Friday -details I'm working out due to stress item #3. I have chosen to spend less time at calling hours (hey, I'm going to the funeral on Saturday which, I think, is more important than calling hours) to spend time with friends and "end" the summer with a bit of fun. I think step-uncle would appreciate the annual rib bar-b-q and would understand my choice to not cancel the party. Thank goodness I went to see him 2 weeks ago. I didn't want to (I'm not really good with sick people and death) but I forced myself to because I was worried I would regret not seeing him while he was still coherent and in good spirits. When I saw him I just couldn't believe how much damage the cancer had done to his body and it was devestating to see such a strong man reduced to a thin waif. It was incredibly sad and I asked if he was in much pain and he said there were moments when he literally just couldn't stand it anymore. He fought, though, all the way through the end - he loved life and wanted to be in it as much and long as possible.

3) We're hosting our annual rib bar-b-q on Friday and I am going to be late to my own party due to calling hours for my step-uncle. Urban Cowboy has the day off so I'm sure things will be under control but I'm still nervous about how it's all going to work out. Also, I have been cleaning and prepping for the party but am not completely done and tonight I work late plus I have to work-out and I have to increase my to-do list because we were just offered free (FREE!) tickets to the last pre-season football game and we decided to go. Yes, some of the stress is self-induced because we could have said no to the tickets but the offer (FREE!) was too good to pass up and you don't get too many opportunities to watch the game live at the stadium (FREE!). No, I'm not much of a football fan but I like watching sports in the stadium and surrounded by the energy of the real fans. And, Urban Cowboy will really have a good time which matters a lot to me.

4) I hate my phone and we went shopping for new but I didn't like any of those phones either. Since my phone does not properly work (it's really a battery issue) it's difficult to talk with people because the charge doesn't last and I have about 3 min. before the call dies. Anyway, the new solution may just be a new battery and wait to find a phone I actually like and want to use. Sorry for the communication breakdown...sometimes technology sucks.

That's my life in a nutshell right now. (SIGH)

Oh, but on the bright of my dahlias bloomed and it's beautiful - see above pic!

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yllwdaisies said...

I feel kinda silly asking you for a hug when you needed one more than I.

On a brighter note... I did notice that same dahlia; Steph & I were talking about how breath-takinly beautiful it was. Perfect placement of it too.