Thursday, August 14, 2008


Yesterday a group of us were getting ready to head out to the picnic table for lunch. While we were gathering a meeting gathered in the office conference room which we call the Fishbowl. We call it the Fishbowl because it has 1/2 wall windows on all 4 sides. We were chatting and waiting and I realized I needed to adjust my undies just a smidgen. I didn't have giant wedgie or anything like that but I did need to gently pull them back into place. I courteously turned so my back was away from the group and adjusted my undies. Immediately, I was mortified at what I had just done because in shielding my lunch mates from my underwear adjustment I had actually given the meeting attendees in the Fishbowl a full view of my underwear adjustment activities! (SIGH) I'm still a bit embarrassed and it's almost 24 hours later!

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