Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Boos & Bravos

In high school there was always a Boos/Bravos features section in our school newspaper. I loved reading them - I don't know why. Maybe it's my love of soundbyte news. Anyway, here are my recent life's Boos/Bravos...

Boo - Are You Being Served - The Movie Apparently episodic television does not always translate well into a full-length movie because this movie was terrible! Did they even use the same writing team for the movie as for the tv show? I am doubtful because there was such a lack of witty funniness in this film. We use Netflix and this is one movie that was immediately returned.
Bravo - Engaged Friends My beautiful friend just announced her engagement to us over the weekend and I couldn't be happier for her. She is glowing with love and excitement and dreams of a wonderful future! AND they just bought a house so it's good news all around!
Boo - Friends Moving Away L is officially moved. E is gearing up for her move. It's selfish sadness but it's sadness. I know L is only temporarily moved away (hopefully and depending on the job market) and I know E will be back semi-regularly due to local family but I can't help but be sad because I know how much I'll miss them.
Bravo - Friends Moving Closer or Staying Put So, it's not all bad because one of my dear friends, you know her as yllwdaisies (aka "D") , has just moved back to our side of town and a lot of friends are staying where they are. This weekend a small group of us hung out at my place for a little pina colada and campfire action and the girls got together for brunch at a great little cafe-style coffee shop. Good times, yo.
Boo - Crappy Work Situations (SIGH) So, there's weird stuff going on at my work that needs to play out before I can say more. Let's just say my job is safe (eek! I think!) but I'm hoping for the best for someone whom I genuinely respect and admire professionally. And, Urban Cowboy is dealing with some problematic work issues which involve a lot of different company people. He's he's just doing his job and he's cool with it. There's also a BRAVO in this because he's getting great resume-building experience (yep, I'm a career advisor even with my husband) and, of course, I'm hoping he gets a raise out of this, too!
Bravo - The Rib Bar-B-Q! It's almost time for our annual Rib Bar-B-Q! We used to call it a Rib Show-Off because Urban Cowboy and L were partipants in a Rib Cook-Off and won a few titles but the Rib Cook-Off doesn't happen anymore so now we're just calling it what it is. (heehee) It's always a great time with yummy food (everyone brings something) and kick-ass company! Our family/friends are truly the best!
Boo - Expensive Stuff We went to Dick's last night so I could buy a new sports bra (exciting news, right) - with all this running I'm doing I definitely need it - and, man, they're expensive. Luckily, (insert BRAVO) we had coupons so it wasn't so expensive and Urban Cowboy found a new pair of swim trunks and a new pair of running shorts for cheapy, cheap, cheap! Bonus, right!
Bravo - Accomplishments Where do I begin? Well, with the help of friends I've been able to collect plants for my flowerbeds and even though it's only Year 1 of the Urban Cowgirl Landscaping Plan, everything is looking pretty good. I'm happy with it so far! Also, I just completed day 2 of week 6 for my C25K program and I felt great! I mean, I felt like a million bucks and like I could have run a double work-out. That's how good I felt, I'm actually thinking craZy! I'm excited about this because I actually feel my body making positive progress and it's cool to know I'm doing it by myself and for myself.

So, that's it for now. I'm wrapping up this Boos/Bravos list with this thought: I love my life.

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