Thursday, July 10, 2008

L ... I already miss you!

Despite the good weather and fun summer times I have been a bit sad, lately. L is moving to a different city to be closer to school/work because gas is $4/gallon and even though it's only an hour away it feels like she's going to be states away! I'm just really spoiled and used to her either a) living in the same house as me or b) living only 3 min. from me. Check out our living arrangements history: 1st - live in same hometown all our lives and are only 3-ish minute drive from each other's house, 2nd - I go away to college but come back and, again, we're only 3-ish minutes away from each, 3rd - she and move to main campus the same year and her dorm is literally across the street from my apartment building, 4th - L stays in the dorms, I move to new digs but we're still within 5 min. drive of the other, 5th - I move back to hometown to finish college so now we're an hour away from each other and I missed having her so close but during the summer she moves home and we both take classes at main campus so we share the drive and spend every day in the car together, 7th - she spends 2 summers in South Carolina but I visit her for a week one summer and the other summer she's only there for 6 weeks and we talked on the phone a lot, 7th - I move to the big city while she finishes college and I get my own apartment and she visits a lot, 8th - she finishes college and together we get an apartment where we lived together for 3.5 years, 9th - I got married and Urban Cowboy and I bought a house across the river and L finds cute, cheap apartment that is literally only 3 min. from my house! YEA! ... SIGH ... 10th - now, she's moving again and we'll be an hour from each other and I'm just worried we won't have the opportunity or make the time to see each other as much as we'd like. Needless worry, maybe, but I can't help it.

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