Friday, May 02, 2008

I hate you, hair!

What? More hair trouble you ask? YES! It's absolutely insane and insanely annoying that I lack the "good hair" gene. Why can't it just grow like normal people's hair? Why can't it just behave the way I'd like? So, I've been avoiding really examining my hair lately because I was very suspicious of it's current growth rate and whether or not it is actually all growing or if only part of it is growing. Well, I couldn't avoid the examination any longer and, sadly, only the "outer" layer is growing ! The stupid bottom layer is not doing anything!!!!!! ARGHHH! I think I'm destined to keep my hair at this terrible length that I really hate or to (gasp!) cut it even shorter because it just refuses to grow out from that terrible hair cut from October '06. I just want my hair to look like it did even 2.5 years ago. It was longer than shoulder-length then (now, it's just mid-neck) and my curls were weighted down just right (well, some days - humidity is a big factor) and I could pull it back or up or do whatever with it and it looked ok. Now, what can I do with it? The only thing that looks decent lately is a stupid headband and they give me headaches. Well, unless I get it cut again and then I can go back to just leaving it down. Perfect for hot summer weather, right. (SIGH) Seriously, I really do hate my hair and this makes me incredibly depressed because for a long time I was really loving my hair. (wipes away tear for the good ol' days)

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