Friday, March 14, 2008

Thursday Night Fun

Urban Cowboy's company took us out last night. Damn, those guys can drink it up! His company takes us out for dinner/drinks pretty much anytime someone visits from the NYC office and we always have a great time with them. His company is full of younger (think 25-40-ish) professionals who like to take full advantage of the low-cost-of-living (LCOL) prices of going out in our city. A night in NYC costs 3x what it costs here so they really live it up when their in town. Anyhoo, we went to a bar that serves tappas-style food and Urban Cowboy's NYC co-worker orders 1 of everything on the menu! No kidding! So, we had 13 different food choices at our table and there were only 6 of us to make a dent in it! And, the tappas plates weren't true tappas size; they were more like full appetizter plates. It was a lot of food! It was yummy, though, even if it wasn't very good for us - hahaha. After that crazy dinner we went to a bar down the block to play pool and it's there they started throwing back the shots and ordering two beers at a time for each person! It got wild, let me tell you. But, I'm a working gal these days so by 1a I was really tired and desperately wanted to go to bed. And, annoyingly, I have become a bit responsible over the years and realized I was not going to easily get up and ready for work if I stayed out much later! L was ready to go home, too, so she gave me a ride and I left Urban Cowboy to hang with his co-workers and party like a rock star. That silly man came home at 3a!
Guess what? Even though I left the bar way earlier than him, I had a difficult time waking up this morning and was 1/2 hour late to work. And...I got in trouble for being late. Boo!

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