Friday, March 28, 2008

Really, Rachael Ray?

I really enjoy Rachael Ray's recipes. Urban Cowboy and I even own 4 different Rachael Ray cookbooks and just 2 nights ago I made a fabulous dinner courtesy of Rachael's creativity and talent. (if you're wondering, it was sweet italian sausage in a balsamic/honey/carmelized onion reduction) So, it's very safe for me to say that I generally appreciate Ms. Ray. Now, I was just at her website a few moments ago and I discovered something I hope I never see on a plate in real life. They're called hot dog-a-bobs and here are the ingredients: hot dogs (cooked), dill pickles, grape tomatoes, tater tots (cooked). All these things are strung on a skewer and then you serve it as a party appetizer. Um, no. I will not. I imagine this recipe was probably designed with children in mind (or, at least, I hope it was given the crayon in the picture) but I just cannot imagine going to the trouble to skewer aforementioned ingredients and presenting it to guests expecting them to take me (or my cooking) seriously. Not to mention, if I were to serve this at a party for children, wouldn't I be inviting trouble?

Picture it:

group of children, kindergarten age +

hyperactivity from party excitment and cake sugar +

sharp skewer sticks =


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