Monday, March 24, 2008

Easter is NOT Christmas, people!

Ok, so I just have to get this off my chest because it's really been bothering me in the past few days...Easter baskets have gotten out of control! Why is Easter being treated like a mini-Christmas? Now, don't get me wrong - I like my Easter candy and colored, hard-boiled eggs but I know candy is strictly a product of commercialism and the eggs are a product of ancient Paganism. I know they have nothing to with Easter. But what about other people, do they know and will their kids know? So, what don't I like about Easter the past few years? What I don't like is parents and grandparents giving toys, new clothes, cds, money, etc. in Easter baskets! I'm not going to get all Bible-thumper on you, but I am just going to say this: Easter is not a holiday for gift giving or the expectation of receiving materials gifts; it's a holiday for personal introspection and for rejoicing in the most beautiful gift Christ could give us - His life and the Resurrection. (SIGH) Ok, I'm stepping down from my self-righteous soap box now.

P.S. Check back in with me 5 years from now to inquire if I'm still fighting the good fight because Urban Cowboy's parents are ALL ABOUT the stupid Easter gifts! I am destined to continue to be the hated daughter-in-law because I have every intention of preventing them from influencing my kids to believe that the most important Christian holiday is about getting stuff.

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yllwdaisies (aka "D") said...

I see why we're friends now, we think so alike sometimes.

My cousin (raised Hindu, but has always been a dumbass) married (a raised Chrisitan, but also a dumbass), & she went out & got a big "presenty" basket for her kids too!

I asked if she's taught them about the Resurrection, & she said "huh?"! Drives me crazy!