Monday, April 09, 2007

RSVP & Misc. Update

As of 4/6/07 - 41% yes (73 ppl), .03% no (6 ppl), & 54.8% no response. We're looking good...the RSVP deadline is April 27 but I hope people send them in before so I can get started on the seating chart. :-)

My dress is almost done. I officially tried it on Friday, the whole thing, and it's BEAUTIFUL! Now, Mom has to hand stitch the trim on the hem & train and we need to figure out how to trim the top part of the dress to look a bit more sophisticated and fancy.

I finished thank you notes for the first shower and I need to begin working on the second shower. It's a lot of work to write all the thank you's because I'm trying really hard to take time with each one so it is very personal. I want people to really know how much I appreciate their time spent at the showers and their generousity. Urban Cowboy and I still can't believe how many presents we received! People have been so kind to us!

I spent my first Easter without my mom & dad yesterday. It snowed, and snowed, and snowed and they tried to drive into my place but the weather was too bad. I was pretty bummed out about not seeing them. While we were in church it snowed so much that UC had to brush the car off again and there were no tire tracks in the church parking lot! It had snowed at least an inch while we were in church! When we walked in, one of the ministers greeted us with "Merry Easter!". Hahahaha The Farmer's Almanac did tell us we were going to have a green Christmas and a white Easter, though, so I guess we should have expected it.

I have not heard from my friends in England in a long time and I am starting to get worried I did something to offend them - not on purpose. I know they're alive because they do post in their blog every once in a while. I hope they email me soon. I miss them.

This week I have a TON of schoolwork to do PLUS a TON of wedding stuff so I'm going to be really busy and really tired. :-( And, on that note, I'm signing off to get some work done.

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