Thursday, February 01, 2007

Don't Let it Get Away!

Today marks the 100 day countdown to our WEDDING! Truthfully, before this I have never measured my time in 100 day increments but the Knot has brainwashed me into doing so. I have been thinking a lot about the wedding; what it means to me, how the planning process affects every moment of every day, what it is doing to various relationships in my life. I realized I have not been chronicling the countdown to our wedding as well as I 1) originally planned and 2) would like to do. When will I ever feel like this again? When will I ever experience these particular emotions of 1000% anticipation matched by 1000% anxiety? So, today's plan is to compile a list of my favorite things about planning the wedding and my least favorite things.

Least Favorite Things About Planning a Wedding:
 They say a wedding brings out the best AND worst in people – I don’t know who “they” really are but I have to completely agree. I can’t count the number of times I have been at my worst in relation to planning this wedding. I snap at the people I love, I try to hide my frustration but it still manages to spill out, I sometimes act ungrateful when I am anything but, I forget things, I don’t give people proper credit for expending energy and effort on my behalf…I think the list can go on. What’s just as unpleasant as my bad behavior and reactions? Other people’s bad behavior and reactions. I think we’re all striving to have this event be exactly what we want and many times our wants don’t match.
 The amount of money we’re spending for what is essentially just a fancy party.
I actually cannot wait to hang out with my family and friends and celebrate our love by eating great food and dancing the night away; however, sometimes I look at it and say to myself, “wow, we saved a lot of money in a year and that could have been a down payment on a house or a huge chunk of student loans paid off.”
 The constant struggle to maintain our individuality as we plan our wedding while also wanting to be like everyone else in some instances. An example of this is my obsession with our monogram. Monograms are considered trendy and, therefore, are very popular so it doesn’t seem as individualized as other things could have been. Yet, because I love them so much and because my friend designed the most amazing monogram for us, I am willing to follow this trend.

Most Favorite Things About Planning a Wedding:
 The wedding is only the beginning of a lifetime of adoration, support, and care between me and the most amazing man on the planet. My favorite aspect of wedding planning is knowing the whole process leads me to being forever bound (heart, soul, recognized by God and the state) to a man who is so perfect that not even in my best, wildest dreams could I have created someone half as magnificent as he is.
 Spending so much extra time with the people I love, and missing the people who can’t physically be here to share this time with me.
 Throwing a totally bad-ass party for my family and friends to celebrate our love and new lives together – for better or worse!
 Cake tasting – ‘Nuf said.
 Wearing a beautiful dress, having my hair and makeup beautifully done, with all eyes on me. We all know I love the attention!
 Seeing my family and friends in beautiful dresses (or suits), groomed to perfection, sharing the spotlight with my family and friends because they’re all so attractive.
 Honeymoon – both in Italy and when we’re back in C-Town (wink, wink)…we’re living it up after the wedding!
 Opening presents – I love opening presents! Yea! (Shhh…keep this one on the down-low ‘cause I’m not trying to be greedy – I just like to rip the wrapping paper off and enjoy the surprise of what’s in the box)


Meggliplex said...

The "?" were bullet points when I posted this - I wonder what happened?

yllwdaisies said...

When I read the 1st sentence, my instant response was "And I still haven't found something to wear yet! Augghh!"

And my 2nd re-action was, "Wait, this isn't about you, it's all about Mz. Meggliplex & her fine self".

Meggliplex said...

Well, then, as you read more you realized that you do have to find something to wear because you have to look almost as beautiful as me! :-)

Normally, any other event, I would say AS beautiful but since I'm the bride I get to be the prettiest girl there. heehee